Perth Amboy enjoys visit from a seal

Perth Amboy, NJ has its share of amazing wildlife to see along its waterfront on Raritan Bay and the Arthur Kill Inlet. On Tuesday morning January 15, Christine Keish Nemeth took photos of a seal resting on a dock by the Raritan Yacht Club on the Perth Amboy Waterfront. Along the waterfront and sailing on Raritan Bay, people from Perth Amboy and visitors have also seen humpback whales, turtles, stingrays, flying fish, bald eagles, osprey, peregrine falcons, hawks, swans, brant geese, seagulls, monarch butterflies and many other varieties of waterfowl. Environmental leaders attribute the comeback of wildlife on Raritan Bay to the protections from contaminations from the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts. Submit your wildlife photos to Perth Amboy Now at Story by Caroline Torres and Emilio Torres


Seal at Perth Amboy Waterfront

Seal at Perth Amboy WaterfrontSeal at Perth Amboy Waterfront