Community Gardens

Lavender at the Ferry SlipThe Royal Garden Club by the Bay is a nonprofit membership organization in Perth Amboy that has been maintaining 12 public gardens along the waterfront and at sites throughout the City for the past 18 years. The City also offers community gardens at Brighton Ave Community Center on the waterfront.

The Royal Garden Club maintains gardens at these locations-
Rock Garden Front Street Marina
Ferry Slip Garden
Hummingbird Garden (High St & Sadowsky Parkway)
Butterfly Garden (Sadowsky Parkway)
Veteran’s Memorial (Sadowsky Parkway)
Fragrance Garden at City Hall Circle
Market Square Garden at City Hall Circle
Kearny Cottage Herb Garden at Kearny Cottage
The Girl Scout Youth Garden at Kearny Cottage
The Rose Garden at Kearny Cottage
Rosemary’s Garden at Kearny Cottage
Jackie’s Garden at the Jankowski Senior Center (Olive Street)