Middlesex County is the most diverse county in NJ, and the City of Perth Amboy is the county’s Latino enclave with some of the best offerings of Latin Cuisine. Perth Amboy’s dining scene includes fine dining, cafes, restaurants, take out spots, food trucks, bakeries, buffets, catering and specialty stores. There is a lot of eating to enjoy in Perth Amboy. Here is a sampling of some places to check out! Also we note local specials and coupons as they are advertised. 

Perth Amboy Peruvian Food
Se Salio el Pollo – 732-442-9499  456B Smith St. Excellent Peruvian food.

Latin Grill– 732-442-6767. 586 Amboy Ave Peruvian food- excellent rotisserie chicken. Also really great ceviche. BYO.

Norkys Peruvian Restaurant. 475 New Brunswick Ave. (732) 442-1383

Perth Amboy Puerto Rican Food
Torres Cafe– High St. 732-442- 1300 (Star Ledger Best of Award) Delicious empanadas, octopus salad, order pasteles for the holidays. Homemade sofrito. Cool mural on the business exterior you can pose in front of. Outdoor dining.

Elizabeth’s Corner 175 Hall Ave. Amazing mangu. Catering available. 

Perth Amboy Dominican Food
Paila & Leña  342 Washington St (winner Taste of Perth Amboy)

Bonao Restaurant  Excellent Dominican food.

Mi Tierra Restaurant & Lounge Excellent Caribbean food.

Don Manuel– Excellent Dominican coffee. Great buffet. Located at 287 State St next to the McGinnis School.

El Meson 409 Smith St- Try the Dominican breakfast

La Vega Restaurant– Cozy place to enjoy great Dominican food.

Rincon Tropical. 323 State St. Juice bar. Delicious food.

C-Town Supermarket-  272 Maple St Grocery store with hot food takeout buffet. Excellent rotisserie chicken. Catering (winner of Taste of Perth Amboy)

Supremo Market-270 King St  Latin grocery store with food takeout buffet. 

Perth Amboy Portuguese Food
Luso BBQ Delicious take out portuguese bbq. Delivers.

Portugese Manor– Great surf and turf deals. Family style restaurant with big round tables. Great for sharing dishes like Paella Valenciana. Also a fun cocktail bar. Open for lunch and dinner.

The Armory & Tiki Bar 200 Front St. 732-826-6000 Excellent food. You can dine outside right along the water with great views. Rodizio is delicious. Seafood dishes are excellent. Paella is great.  Great sangria and wines.

Portuguese Sporting Club 782 State St. Excellent food.  Reservations 732-826-2288 or 732-921-4807

Perth Amboy Mexican Food
En Birria Tacos– 695 Sayre Ave. 732-439-7439 Call to reserve tacos they sell out fast!

Rico Taco Mex Taqueria– 321 Madison Ave Excellent food in cute setting. Outdoor dining available.

Taco Express– 443 New Brunswick Ave. Excellent food

Cazadores Mexican Restaurant– 236 New Brunswick Ave Delicious food.

Hollywood Mexican– Excellent tacos & guacamole.  Located at 108 Smith St. Delivers.

Garibaldi Restaurant– Open late, authentic Mexican food. Excellent Pico de gallo and grilled chicken flautas.

Sabor Mexican 347 Smith St. 732-661-6650 Amazing dishes

Esmeralda Mexican Restaurant- 315 Smith St Excellent food nice place to sit down.

Tierra Azteca– 134 Smith St. 732) 442-5222 Authentic Mexican food

Tortillerías López- 182 Fayette St- sells freshly made hot tortillas and Mexican products and crafts.

Perth Amboy Cuban Food
Cuban Cafe- Quaint cafe with excellent Cuban sandwiches and coffee. Near the train station in downtown.

Perth Amboy Columbian Food
Alquimia Bakery & Cafe 161 Smith St.- Cute downtown bakery and lunch cafe. Try bakery items like pandebonos, pan con quedo, arepa or pan de yuca.  Tamales, picada or mojarra.

Perth Amboy Argentinian Food
Bulls Meat Market 435 Smith St – Argentinian butcher and goods. Freshly made chimmichurri

Perth Amboy Steakhouse/Seafood

The Barge– 201 Front St. 732-442-3000 Seafood & steak restaurant on the waterfront with great views and murals. Friendly staff and fun cocktail bar. Open for lunch and dinner. Click here for lobster special ad

Cornucopia Cruise Line– Great brunch, lunch and dinner cruises.  Get on the boat at 401 Riverview Drive Perth Amboy. 

The Raritan Yacht Club– The Raritan Yacht Club is a private club. The gallery is open Wednesdays, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for dinner. Dining room and surf rooms overlook the bay. Excellent cocktails, wine and food.

Portugese Manor– Great surf and turf deals. Family style restaurant with big round tables. Great for sharing dishes like Paella Valenciana. Also a fun cocktail bar. Open for lunch and dinner.

The Armory & Tiki Bar 200 Front St. 732-826-6000 Excellent food. You can dine outside right along the water with great views. Rodizio is delicious. Seafood dishes are excellent. Paella is great.  Great sangria and wines.

Perth Amboy Jamaican Food
Mobay Jamaican– 332 Smith St. Take out or eat in. Really good ox tail and jerk chicken.

Perth Amboy Italian Food
Mama Lena   732-442-3636 Excellent pasta dishes, especially the spaghetti with garlic and oil. Great eggplant parm. Excellent pizza. BYO.

Mario’s Pizza– Excellent pizza. Daily lunch specials. Delivers.

Pizzarelli Restaurant– Excellent pizza. Delivers 232 New Brunswick Ave, Perth Amboy, NJ (732) 442-4999

Milanos Pizza- Excellent pizza. Seafood salad. 687 Florida Grove Rd, Perth Amboy, NJ (732) 634-2610

Sciortinos’s Pizza– Excellent thin crust pizza. Delivers.

Perth Amboy Chinese Food
Fu Lin – Chinese food. 79 Smith St.  Great Singapore Mei Fun. Delivers. 732-826-9080

New China King– 430 State St 732-442-5774 Grubhub

Tai Heng 202 New Brunswick Ave 732-442-8187

Ming Hui 274 Smith St grubhub- 732-826-3339

Kam Heung Kitchen- 226 Hall Ave 732-826-8891

Perth Amboy Delis/ Diners/Wings/Snack Bars/Tavern to Visit
Flatiron Tavern– Great burgers. Peel and eat shrimp. And drinks! 430 New Brunswick Ave.

Superior Diner– 464 Smith St. (732) 442-3772 Old school diner. Great breakfasts. Awesome pork sausages. They have healthy lunch specials like the Hercules salad, a greek salad with grilled chicken. Very good gyros. On Smith St.

Costas Snack Bar (at the train station) Amazing chili dogs and mini cheese burgers. Everything here is good.

The new Coney Island Hot Dog– Also an excellent chili hot dog and other sandwiches. Love old school spots. Located at 192A on Smith St in Perth Amboy.

Lee’s Market– Excellent egg salad and deli sandwiches. Very cute local sandwich spot. Located at 77 Smith St.

Rosa’s Deli  271 Hall Ave (732) 638-5608 Delivers. Excellent salads and tacos.

Perry’s Wings–  1127 Convery Blvd. Amazing menu choices. Excellent wings, oxtail, curried goat. 732-486-8339 Grubhub 

Perth Amboy Polish Food
Joe’s Meat Market 437 Smith St. Polish meat market and goods. Excellent kielbasa, piergogies, stuffed cabbage.

Perth Amboy Bakeries/Coffeeshops/Luncheonettes/Candy Shops to Visit
Sipos Bakery– 365 Smith St. Breads, cookies, cakes, pies. Hungarian and Polish baked goods.

Primavera Bakery/Luncheonette- 278 Smith St. Mexican bakery with seating area, pastries, cakes, pies. Pan de Muerto Day of the Dead bread.

Made by Raquel- 69 Smith St. Excellent cakes

La Casa Del Pan Bakery & Coffee Shop  323 Smith St

Dulce’s Sweets 222 New Brunswick Ave

La Piñata 315 Madison Ave

Perth Amboy Ice Cream Shops to Visit
Fajji’s Homemade Ice Cream– Excellent homemade ice cream with tropical flavors like Mango, coconut and Tamarindo among many other awesome options. Rated top ice cream parlor in Middlesex County by the Star Ledger. 810 Amboy Ave

Bayside Creamery– Really cute ice cream parlor on Front St with nice outdoor seating area on the waterfront in Perth Amboy. Nice waffle cones, toppings and flavors. Very popular spot on Front St.

Carvel– Wednesdays 2 for 1 ice cream sundaes. Soft serve options and many hard ice cream flavors. Ice cream cakes. Nice out door seating with tent and tables and music. 284 New Brunswick Ave

Rita’s Ice and Custard– 201-205 New Brunswick Ave- More flavors than other shops, like Dragon Fruit Ice. Parking in the back.

Baskin Robins- 587 Fayette St. – Renowned for their flavors, like cotton candy, lemon custard, cherries jubilee, pralines and cream. (corner of rt 35)

Fast Food Chains

Perth Amboy also has a variety of popular food chain restaurants including Dunkin Donuts, Popeyes, Mc Donalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Subway, Domino’s, Little Cesar’s.  Many are open late and delivery is available.

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