Perth Amboy has some beautiful parks on the waterfront.

Sadowski Park- A beautiful green along the historic waterfront in Perth Amboy setback between the beach, the beachwalk and the street. People sit on benches all along Sadowski Park, there are ice cream trucks and great places to picnic and enjoy the waterfront without the sand. There are also Run/Walk/Exercise Stations along the green. Sadowski Park is the site of the annual Waterfront Arts Festival held on Memorial Day weekend.

Bayview Park- Beautifully kept park on Water St. in Perth Amboy with water views, benches and a gazebo. Concerts are held in the summer on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons from June to September.

Riverview Nature Walk- There is a nature walk along Riverview Drive in Perth Amboy. It is accessible from the Cornucopia Parking lot on the right. A mural was recently added to the walk.

Raritan Riverfront Park- Perth Amboy was recently award Green Acres funds to develop a waterfront park at the base of the Victory Bridge. It will include a dog park, an ecological walking trail, parking, a picnic and grilling area for families, a motor boat launch, and fishing esplanade and cleaning stations.

International Park
A bust of Juan Pablo Duarte, the political leader and founding father of the Dominican Republic, was placed in International Park in Perth Amboy in 2010. The bust was donated by Brian P. Stack, the Mayor of Union City.

Borinqueneer Park– The Borinqueneers is the nickname for the 65th Infantry Regiment, the Army’s only Hispanic-segregated unit, comprised mostly of Puerto Rican soldiers. Serving in World Wars I & II and the Korean War, this regiment earned a reputation for valor and bravery in extensive combat. Perth Amboy, home to a large Puerto Rican community, is proud to pay tribute to their courageous and historic military service with a new waterfront park on Second St.

Thomas Mundy Peterson Waterfront Park– The Middlesex County Board of County Commissioners named a new County park in honor of Perth Amboy resident Thomas Mundy Peterson, who voted on March 31, 1870 in Perth Amboy, making him the first African American to vote in the U.S. after adoption of the 15th Amendment. The new Thomas Mundy Peterson Park is located on the Perth Amboy Waterfront on High St near Middlesex College, near where Peterson lived.