Historic Sites

Councilman BJ Torres and his sons at the Proprietary House Holiday Open House

Proprietary House  Located in Perth Amboy at 149 Kearny Ave, Proprietary House is a state owned Revolutionary War site. It is the last-standing mansion of a royal governor from the original 13 colonies, where the last royal governor William Franklin (son of Benjamin Franklin) was arrested in June 1776. Proprietary House holds re-enactments and tours and hosts live music events. The long history of the house is a fascinating story to hear on a tour. The site was often featured on the popular program Ghost Hunters and annually the Proprietary House Association hosts a haunted tour. Proprietary House is on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and National Register of Historic Places. Proprietary House was recently in the new Ken Burns documentary on Benjamin Franklin. The Proprietary House historic restoration was recently profiled in Architect Magazine. The work was made possible by Speaker Coughlin, Senator Vitale and Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez who secured $3million in State funding for the renovations of this historical site. 

Perth Amboy Live at the Ferry Slip
Perth Amboy Ferry Slip Photo by James Erwin

Perth Amboy Ferry Slip  The Perth Amboy Ferry Slip at 300 Front St has been used as a venue by Perth Amboy Artworks for a popular live music series in the spring and summer. There is a cozy Ferry Slip Museum that hosts exhibits and lectures. The Ferry Slip is on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and National Register of Historic Places. Ferry service on the site dates back to 1684 and regular ferry service crossing the Arthur Kill lasted from 1709 to 1963.

Perth Amboy City Hall

Perth Amboy City Hall  Perth Amboy City Hall is the oldest operating municipal building in the country located at 260 High St. The Perth Amboy City Hall is on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and National Register of Historic Places. In 1789, Perth Amboy was the State Capital and City Hall is where New Jersey ratified the Bill of Rights, becoming the first state to do so.

Surveyor General’s Museum- Next to City Hall at 260 High St, this museum celebrates the historical and archaeological heritage of Perth Amboy,  the first incorporated municipality in New Jersey. The museum has hosted art and cultural events. The Surveyor General’s Museum is on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and National Register of Historic Places.

Perth Amboy Train Station– The Perth Amboy Train Station was built in 1927 and is on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and the National Register of Historic Places. The Perth Amboy Train Station is going through a $45.5 million renovated. Gov Murphy said the architectural significance of the 95 year old Perth Amboy Train Station structure will be respected, “honoring the stations history while looking towards the future.”

Perth Amboy Public Library

Perth Amboy Public Library  The Perth Amboy Public Library, built in 1903, is a Carnegie Library located at 196 Jefferson St. Recently, Congressman Pallone has been working to secure $1.5 million in federal grant funding to upgrade the Perth Amboy Public Library

Raritan Yacht Club– One of the oldest yacht clubs in the country founded in 1865 at 160 Water St on Raritan Bay. The club hosts the Red Grant Regatta which is going into its 76th year. The Raritan Yacht Club hosts Wednesday Race Nights with many beautiful sailboats out on Raritan Bay.

St. Peters Episcopal Church– This pre-revoluionary war church was founded in 1698 at 188 Rector St. It is the oldest Episcopal parish in New Jersey and contains the oldest extant gravestone in New Jersey.  Famous Perth Amboy resident Thomas Mundy Peterson is buried in the church cemetary. St Peter’s Church is on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and the National Register of Historic Places.

Kearny Cottage

Surveyor General’s Office

International Park

Middle Passage Marker– Located on Front St on the Waterfront next to the Ferry Slip, Perth Amboy hosts a historic Middle Passage Port Marker for the City’s designation as a “Site of Memory” associated with the Slave Trade. The marker honors the lives of African ancestors and their descendants who were enslaved in NJ. Perth Amboy is one of 52 locations across the continental US and one of 2 sites in NJ identified as being a Middle Passage port of entry.

Thomas Mundy Peterson Waterfront Park

Thomas Mundy Peterson Waterfront Park– The Middlesex County Board of County Commissioners named a new County park in honor of Perth Amboy resident Thomas Mundy Peterson, who voted on March 31, 1870 in Perth Amboy, making him the first African American to vote in the U.S. after adoption of the 15th Amendment. The new Thomas Mundy Peterson Park is located on the Perth Amboy Waterfront on High St near Middlesex College, near where Peterson lived. 

Borinqueneer Park

Borinqueneer Park– The Borinqueneers is the nickname for the 65th Infantry Regiment, the Army’s only Hispanic-segregated unit, comprised mostly of Puerto Rican soldiers. Serving in World Wars I & II and the Korean War, this regiment earned a reputation for valor and bravery in extensive combat. Perth Amboy, home to a large Puerto Rican community, is proud to pay tribute to their courageous and historic military service with a new waterfront park on Second St. Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez from Perth Amboy introduced a bill that was signed into law in 2022 making April 13 Borinqueneer Day in NJ. April 13 is National Borinqueneer Day, recognizing the sacrifices of the Puerto Rican Regiment of the Volunteer Infantry. In 2022, Sam Delgado received $75,000 of Perth Amboy’s American Rescue Funds to invest into his nonprofit, Borinqueneers Park Education Alliance, towards fundraising for Borinqueneer Park in Perth Amboy.

Historic Markers along the Waterfront– You can learn about the history of Perth Amboy at stops along the waterfront.