Artists Marcelino Garcia and Sarai Araiza Artshow at the Perth Amboy Gallery Nov 30-Dec 5

Perth Amboy Art Show

Artists Marcelino Garcia and Sarai Araiza will showcase their artwork at the Perth Amboy Gallery Center for the Arts from Thursday Nov 30th- Saturday Dec 5th. Meet the artists receptions will be held from 6pm-8pm on Friday Dec 3 and Saturday Dec 4 and will feature music, refreshments, an art talk and more. Marcelino Garcia is an active local artist whose band Proper has headlined at the Live at the Ferry Slip Music Series among other venues. Marcelino has often shown footage online of his artistic creations in his art studio in Perth Amboy. He has recently shown his artwork in Highland Park at Chamber 43. “So proud to be selected to showcase our work at the Perth Amboy Center for the Arts” said Marcelino. I really hope you guys can make it. We got some cool pieces to share.” Perth Amboy Gallery Center for the Arts is located at 339 Reade St in Perth Amboy NJ.

Perth Amboy Now got to speak with artist Marcelino Garcia about his thoughts on his upcoming show.

Marcelino Garcia- I think that ready made art in homes depreciates the value of original art for children. They grow up with the understanding that going to the dollar store for disposable decorations that pollute the earth is an acceptable norm. Original art in homes is as beneficial as having a piano, or quality cooked food or great conversation. Real hand made art makes life authentic. For children to see it hanging on a wall is a constant reminder of that.

We also want to do our best to help adults remember that. This exhibition asked the viewer to find themselves in the pieces. What do these pieces say about us in today’s global society? If we cannot answer that question for ourselves then we are risking inviting others to answer that question for us in our various connections to the world on all these media platforms we find ourselves engaging in.

And lastly, with the world’s increasing shift to all things digital, original hand made art is even more important because our human organic connection to it. Whether created last week or last millennia, humans consume paintings the same way, emotionally. Sure, the may see it with their eyes but it’s impact is from within.