Community Leaders and Officials Discuss the Future of Proprietary House 

Proprietary House Perth Amboy NJ

To prepare for America’s celebration of its 250th anniversary in 2026, Perth Amboy is preparing ways to promote and utilize Proprietary House, the treasured Revolutionary War landmark here in Perth Amboy. Promoting Perth Amboy’s rich history will help the City be among the top tourism sites in NJ. The Proprietary House Association held meetings this week to identify the best uses for Proprietary House that will attract visitors and serve as a community resource in 2026 and beyond. On Wednesday February 15th Heritage Tourism consultant Cheryl Hargrove met with community leaders and officials at Proprietary House to better understand the needs and opportunities that the house can fill. Also about what people like about Propriety House and want to keep. It was a packed meeting with lots of great suggestions from people who truly love Perth Amboy, value its history and can envision the potential for using history and the house to positively impact the community.

First discussed were the ghost tours that Proprietary House had used as a strategy to bring people to the house, and how they have been so successful. Since the ghost tours started in 2001, thousands of people have discovered Proprietary House and have come to Perth Amboy to tour the Royal Governors Mansion built in 1764. Haunted Tours have also included lantern walks around the City to historic sites and local lore as well as touring Proprietary House. Also discussed were how re-enactments had been used successfully as an attraction.

Ideas about using the property as a location for filmmaking were discussed. The site has been a location for PBS documentaries and for the popular Ghost Hunters show. Adding Proprietary House to the new location scouting guide used by filmmakers (as well as all of our historic sites) could help make Perth Amboy’s future as a movie location a real possibility considering the explosion of filmmaking in NJ under Gov Murphy and the work of the NJ Motion Picture and Television Commission.

Other opportunities discussed were including exhibits that depict the use of Propriety House through its history not just colonial period and displaying period costumes and adding audio recordings to exhibits and historic sites around the City. The idea about creating a curriculum for the schools to teach about Proprietary House and the role Perth Amboy played in the Revolutionary War was discussed. Also discussed were repaving the parking lot and adding lighting and a fence around the property, and restoration of the ballroom. Also the expansion of the gift shop and the development of badges or patches of our historic sites to collect. Also use of the outside of the property for the community to visit and enjoy gardens and a picnic lunch. Also discussed was using Proprietary House for arts and culture, with more music events and possibly art classes.