Fireworks Complaints in Perth Amboy Growing

Perth Amboy Fireworks Complaints

We hear you Perth Amboy! If you read the comments of Perth Amboy residents on Facebook, you know that residents have had enough with fireworks explosions going on into the night. The issue is not something just happening in Perth Amboy, but throughout the region. Perth Amboy residents have voiced their complaints on Facebook, to get their voices heard. Perth Amboy residents have said that this activity is making it hard to live here, with loud explosions going off late into the night. Concerns of the loud noise causing undue stress on the elderly, children and animals have been raised many times. People have to get up early in the morning for work they deserve rest. How will this activity be controlled and rules enforced? How about some type of community relations building or enhanced transparency on handling this issue? Maybe greater community guidance on hours fireworks are allowed could help and where they are allowed? Asbury Park Police Department and Jersey City Police Department have recently developed responses to the growing problem. Perth Amboy residents deserve to have a high quality of life and to have a response to their growing concerns.