Enjoy the Gardens of Perth Amboy

Perth Amboy Gardens

Walking around the City of Perth Amboy you will notice the abundance of gardens filled with beautiful flowers and plants. There are the public gardens maintained by the Royal Garden Club, like the Hummingbird and Butterfly Gardens at the waterfront and foot of High St. And the gardens at private homes and properties throughout the city, where Garden Club members and city resident maintain their own enchanted gardens, like this wildflower garden pictured on Water St. Perth Amboy Now will do a weekly feature of photos and descriptions of the gardens in Perth Amboy on the Perth Amboy Now Facebook page

Ferry Slip Lavender Garden
Lavender Garden at the Ferry Slip

Have you ever been to the Perth Amboy Ferry Slip at the Marina? On the right side there is a large purple Lavender Garden maintained by the Royal Garden Club. This photo is by Nina Iglesia who writes “Whoever’s idea to plant all this lavender here is a genius!! Heaven for the senses, the sound of the water and the flowers. So beautiful.” 

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