Perth Amboy Community Feels the Earthquake, and Aftershock

NJ Earthquake 2024

Residents in Perth Amboy felt the 4.8 magnitude earthquake at 10:23am Friday April 5th 2024 and the aftershock around 6pm.

At 10:46am Friday April 5th Perth Amboy Office of Emergency Management posted that they were aware of the earthquake and they were monitoring the seismic activity and that current data indicated that there were no immediate threats to the city or residents.

The US Geological survey reported that the earthquake was in central New Jersey with the location for the epicenter as Lebanon, NJ and later as near Tewksbury and Whitehouse Station. It was reported that 45 million people on the US East Coast experienced the earthquake, from Maine to Virginia.

Earthquakes are explained to happen when the Earth’s tectonic plates move and push against each other. Most earthquakes occur along fault lines. Geologists interviewed about the NJ earthquake have mentioned the Ramapo fault line and that the majority of NJ earthquakes occur around this fault line.

There were no posts from the Mayor and no further posts from OEM. Later at 7:56pm a nixel alert reported a water main break on Washington St but it was not mentioned if it was related.

Residents went online to Perth Amboy Now to acknowledge they had experienced the earthquake. Renata Legutko wrote “I was in St. Stephen church, the whole church was swinging left and right.” Geri Barcheski wrote “the whole house swayed left and right.” Nicholas Baratta wrote “yes I feel it and I can say first on my bucket list.” Mayra Arocho wrote “My daughter resides in Perth Amboy and felt it strongly. Here in Puerto Rico we are attentive.” Many posted prayers that everyone was ok.

Perth Amboy Office of Aging posted up on Facebook “Wow. We felt the building shake!! We were all in the community room when we felt the building move back and forth! We were evacuated and are so thankful for our Fire Department who came quickly to ensure we were safe to return to the building! The seniors are super excited as they understand how big this earthquake was!! Stay safe everyone!!! 4.8 Magnatude is like the earthquakes in california!!!”

When the aftershock hit at 6pm residents immediately responded on Perth Amboy Now that they felt it. Residents described the aftershock as hearing a boom then a rumble with shaking. The aftershock was reported by the US Geological survey as being a 4 magnitude quake and that epicenter was in Gladstone in Somerset County.

Governor Murphy posted about the aftershock, and said we should avoid calling 911 unless there is an emergency. Murphy shared a post from FEMA.