Perth Amboy Shows Its Pride

Perth Amboy Pride Flag Raising

Perth Amboy showed its Pride by holding the 2nd annual Perth Amboy Pride Flag Raising at 5pm on Thursday June 23 at City Hall Circle. Speakers at the Perth Amboy Pride Flag Raising included Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez, Councilman BJ Torres, Councilwoman Milady Tejada, Perth Amboy Artworks President Caroline Pozycki Torres, Target Representative Scott Moran and MCDO LGBT Caucus Chair Louis Countreras. Mayor Caba could not be at the event, so his Chief of Staff Lisett Lebron proclaimed June as Pride Month in Perth Amboy and presented MCDO LGBT caucus Chair Louis Countreras with the proclamation from Mayor Caba. MCDO LGBT caucus Chair Louis Countreras has successfully worked to promote Pride events in Perth Amboy and throughout Middlesex County.

Councilman BJ Torres said, ” Thank you to the elected officials and community for coming to the Perth Amboy Pride Flag Raising. I am honored to be part of this progressive event. This is the 2nd annual Perth Amboy Pride Flag Raising and may this tradition continue. Last year was our first flag raising, which fell on the 50th Anniversary of the Stone Wall Uprising. That historic event sparked a movement that demanded inclusion and respect and in return enriched the lives of every American. Our society has moved forward in many ways, but we still have a long way to go. It is all of our duty to make everyone in our community feel accepted and welcome.”

About 30 Target employees from the Perth Amboy warehouse attended the event, and Target Site Leader Scott Moran spoke to the crowd. “Target is built around diversity, so this is near and dear to the fundamentals behind our company, so we are really excited to be here. I’m here today on behalf of Target to help raise the City of Perth Amboy’s Pride Flag and raise awareness of the LGBT+ community. Pride month is the time to celebrate the progress made, recognize the courage of individuals and acknowledge the continuous work ahead of us. Target is honored to stand together with the City of Perth Amboy and its community to celebrate life, promote community safety and stand up to prejudice.”

The crowd was treated to free piraguas for everyone to celebrate Pride in Perth Amboy courtesy of the MCDO LGBT caucus!

“I am proud to be here today at the 2nd annual Pride Flag Raising to celebrate diversity, inclusion and equality in Perth Amboy” said Perth Amboy Artworks President Caroline Pozycki Torres. “Thank you to Perth Amboy artist Marcelino Garcia for creating the beautiful flyer for today’s Pride flag raising. Perth Amboy Artworks is grateful for the contributions of the LGBT+ community to the arts in our city- as great artists, supporters of the arts, public servants and business owners- dedicated to making Perth Amboy a vibrant community where all people can flourish.”  

Filmmakers April Centrone and Kira Sanchez from 10PRL Productions captured the 2nd Annual Perth Amboy Pride Flag Raising in a highlight video for all to enjoy.