Perth Amboy students organize Perth Amboy Civic Week Oct 15th-17th

Perth Amboy Civics Week

Perth Amboy High School senior Cesar Romero and recent Perth Amboy High graduate Ismael Nunez are hard at work planning the upcoming Perth Amboy Civic Week to teach people in the City about the power they have to solve problems and become local leaders. Cesar and Ismael are both Perth Amboy Civic Trustees, members of the Perth Amboy Civic Trust who address and help to solve problems in the City using a “no-blame problem solving process.”

Perth Amboy Civic Week, the first of its kind in the State, is free and will be held from October 15th through Oct 17th. Civic Week features 3 civic education and empower events.  On Tuesday Oct 15th at 6pm at the Perth Amboy Public Libary, you can meet the founder of the Perth Amboy Civic Trust, Harry Pozycki, who will present his book, Citizen Power.  On Wednesday Oct 16th at 6pm at the Jankowski Center at 1 Olive St, you can attend a training on No Blame Problem Solving, a 10 step process for developing your solutions, getting them heard and implemented. Finally on Oct 17th at City Hall at 6pm,  A Citizen Service Forum will be held where you can learn about the important role of appointed office and the current opportunities that exist to serve on Perth Amboy’s boards and commissions, with tips for interested citizens on how to apply to serve.  Mayor Wilda Diaz will introduce the citizen service presentation.

“A Civic Week in Perth Amboy serves as a prime opportunity for folks my age and younger to become the voices of our growing city. We’re almost 60,000 strong and one of the youngest cities in the state, yet we are absent when the time comes to make the big decisions.” said Ismael Nunez.

The events are listed on the Facebook page for the Perth Amboy Civic Trust  For more information on Civic Week or the Perth Amboy Civic Trust, you can also email Perth Amboy Civic Trustee Alfonso Faura at