Perth Amboy Voter Registration Drive. Here is the form you need to get registered.

Perth Amboy Voter Registration Drive

Hey you, are you registered to vote? Do you know someone who needs to register to vote? Perth Amboy Now has partnered with Perth Amboy Artworks and the Waterfront Neighborhood Association to get Perth Amboy residents registered to vote. How do you Register to Vote? You fill out a New Jersey Voter Registration Form. Here is the voter registration form in English  Here is the voter registration form in Spanish. Download the form. Print it out. Fill it out. Mail it in. No postage is necessary. Done. You have to be at least 17 to register and a US citizen. Don’t have a printer? The library in Perth Amboy has free copies of the voter registration form. A new NJ online voter registration system is set to launch on Sept 4th, and we will have the link soon to share.

Perth Amboy has a population of approximately 60,000, yet only about 15,000 are registered and only about 5,000 actually turn out to vote. Let’s change that and get more people registered and voting. What if more people in our City voted? Certainly a more active voting population would have greater power, to get candidates nominated and elected and influence where they stand on the issues. Candidates need to get elected, so they look to see what are the voters interests . Your vote is your voice and its time to exercise that voice and get registered and get out to vote.

Voting will give you a voice on important issues like what’s next for how we handle climate change, who are the next US Supreme Court nominees, how we handle the Coronavirus, what social justice reforms are supported, immigration reform and legalization of marijuana. New Jersey has transferred the power to legalize marijuana to the people and that public question will be on the ballot this November for you to decide. You lead with your vote. Voting will also give you a choice on who is elected in November to our City government as well.

Access your power by getting registered to vote and by voting in November.

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Already registered? Apply to vote by mail. Then a ballot will be mailed to your home and you don’t need to go out to the polls to vote. Vote by mail is a great option for the upcoming November 3rd election. You can apply to permanently (or for a single election) vote by mail with this application. Then Middlesex County will automatically mail you a ballot to vote by mail.

If you’re not from Perth Amboy and want to register, here are all the forms available to register from the NJ Division of Elections (voter registration forms are based on what county you live in.)