Perth Amboy Gallery Center for the Arts Winter Arts Classes Announced

Perth Amboy Ceramics Class

During the winter at the Perth Amboy Gallery Center for the Arts, there are some great music and art classes being offered for both youth and adults. You can take a weekly class in ceramics, oil painting, arts & crafts, percussion or guitar. There is also a young artists studio class being offered. Classes are in the evenings, some free of charge and some for a fee. Many local artists enjoy both taking and teaching the classes, as well as local art teachers. The ceramics instructor, Rachel Wintemberg, is an award winning arts educator.  The percussion instructor is the gallery’s music director; musician and producer Manny Pacheco. You can check out the gallery classes and register for them at the Perth Amboy Department of Recreation’s website at  Classes begin the week of Jan 28th.  The Perth Amboy Gallery Center for the Arts, located at 339 Reade St, is a positive, fun environment that you need to check out. Throughout the year the gallery hosts all types of arts classes, art shows, open mics, movie screenings, pop up shops, public meetings and a summer youth art camp. Photos of ceramics work by artist Boney McQueen.

Ceramics art classes in Perth AmboyPerth Amboy Ceramics ClassPerth Amboy Ceramics Class