Rent Leveling Board Addresses Affordability in Perth Amboy

Perth Amboy Rent Control

The Perth Amboy Rent Leveling Board has been working to address the problem of rapidly escalating rents in Perth Amboy. Recently, the new board voted unanimously to support amendments to the Perth Amboy Rent Control Ordinance that would limit the increases that can occur when a lease ends. The board adopted a resolution in support of amending the rent control ordinance and sent the resolution as a communication to the City Council at the January 26th council meeting.

Currently, New Jersey rent control is administered at the local level and the rules vary town by town. In a city like Perth Amboy with a high percent of renters, the rent control board is a tool to address affordability. The Perth Amboy Rent Leveling Board has only recently been meeting as it was expired for years with no appointments.

The “Resolution of the City of Perth Amboy Rent Leveling Board Recommending Revision to the City Code Regarding Rent Increase Limitations” says Section 353-3 of the City Rent Control provisions should be revised. The current 5% increase allowed after the end of a lease should be reduced to 3% if the rent includes a charge for water and 2 1/2% if the rent does not cover water. It also recommends that the City Rent Control provisions be evaluated every 3 years to consider if the rules are appropriate given the rental housing market at the time. The Perth Amboy Rent Leveling Board recommends to the City Council and the City Administration that the City code be revised with their recommendations which they say were based on extensive research.