School Board intends to approve or amend Perth Amboy Superintendent Contract at March 11 meeting

Perth Amboy High School

The Perth Amboy Board of Education announced that they intend “to approve and or amend the employment contract” of Perth Amboy School District Superintendent Dr. David Roman on March 11.  The Perth Amboy School Board said they intend to do this in a public notice posted on the PAPS website. The March 11, 2021 meeting is at 5:30 pm via remote conference and info how to participate is on the PAPS website.

Given the complaints during the pandemic about lack of communication with parents and teachers and the student supply shortage and the already high Superintendent contract price, it is easy to understand how there are questions as to why Perth Amboy should pay close to a $30,000 increase. Perth Amboy is currently one of 48 places in NJ where the percent of income paid to property taxes is 10%, making it a very expensive place to live.  About 52% of our property taxes goes to our Schools. Although state funding increased this year, we could lose State funding in the future as did Jersey City.

Dr. David Roman’s current contract is listed in the top Superintendent contracts in the state, at $207,500 for the Perth Amboy district of 11,000 students. The Superintendent of Elizabeth makes a similar contract amount, but for a district of 27,000 students. The contract increase would make the Perth Amboy Superintendent contract comparable to the Superintendents contracts in Newark, and Jersey City- cities with student populations much larger than Perth Amboy.