With DEP Approval, Perth Amboy Removes Fluoride from Drinking Water

Perth Amboy Drinking Water Standard Violations

Last year the Perth Amboy City Council voted 3-2 to remove the additive fluoride from city drinking water. Action was finally taken in June 2022 with DEP approval to remove the fluoride from Perth Amboy drinking water by the Perth Amboy Water Department. Councilwoman Tejada, Councilman Petrick and Councilman Torres voted to remove the fluoride from public drinking water after review of public health and environmental evidence that the ingestion of fluoride had known harmful health consequences. Many residents had been using filters to take the fluoride out of the drinking water. Environmental and health groups provide evidence that there are harmful health consequences to drinking fluoride water. For children the daily dose of fluoride is exceeded daily by using toothpaste.

Only 15% of NJ towns have fluoride in their water.

Research funded by the US National Institutes of Health shows IQ level is negatively impacted by fluoride level in drinking water.

Because of its toxicity, the EPA and NJ DEP have set maximum contaminant level in fluoride drinking water.