Celebrate Earth Day in Perth Amboy

Perth Amboy Catch Basin Murals for Earth Day

Perth Amboy has activities planned to celebrate the Earth starting as early as April 14 through April 23. This year the City of Perth Amboy, Perth Amboy Artworks, Perth Amboy Green Team, Perth Amboy’s Royal Garden Club all have opportunities for you to meet other environmentalists, clean up the city, raise awareness and take actions to protect the environment.

American Sea Grass

Thursday, April 14 from 9am-11am Perth Amboy Green Team hosts  AUL Charter School students who will plant roughly 1,000 culms of American Beach Grass on the Perth Amboy beach front area at the end of 2nd street. Beach grasses help hold dunes together, which are a natural barricade against coast storm surges. Also, it prevents coastal erosion by keeping sand from being washed into the bay.

Perth Amboy Earth Day Clean Up

Saturday, April 16 9am12pm Perth Amboy City Wide Clean Up Come out and help take responsibility for maintaining and beautifying our community. Featured meet up locations include Brighton Center, YMCA, Washington Park, Francis Street Park, Waters Stadium (Lee St), and Patten Center. View Flyer. If you would like to participate, you can register on the city website.

Friday April 22 Perth Amboy Artworks Presents 5 Catch Basin Murals for Earth Day
Artists have been busy painting catch basin murals to raise awareness about our stormwater infrastructure. By keeping these street drains clean, Perth Amboy residents can volunteer to help protect our water and prevent local flooding.  The Perth Amboy Youth Alliance and local residents have adopted the catch basin murals and are volunteering to keep the catch basins clean from leaves and litter.

Perth Amboy Catch Basin Mural

On Earth Day, take a field trip and visit the 5 featured catch basin murals
Perth Amboy Catch Basin Mural locations include Smith St and Goodwin St by artist Sarai Lourdes, Water St and Lewis St by artist Marcelino Garcia, State St and Broad St by artist Ariana Febles, Market St and Madison Ave by artist Albertus Joseph, and Smith and High St by artist Jonathan Horowitz. Read more

Gardening for Earth Day in Perth Amboy

Saturday April 23 10 am Garden with the Royal Garden Club and Green Team at City Hall Circle– You are invited to help clean, prune and mulch the Market Square Garden at City Hall Circle. The Royal Garden Club is a Perth Amboy volunteer organization of gardening experts who have maintained 12 beautiful public gardens around Perth Amboy for years (check out the list of gardens). Green Team members will be partnering on this event as well. Learn how to get involved with the Garden Club and Green Team.

Other Actions You Can Take for Earth Day
Prepare for NJ’s Plastic Bag Ban– On Monday May 4, NJ will have the toughest plastic bag ban in the country. Stores will no longer be able to give you single use plastic bags when you check out. Learn more about the ban. Learn more about why plastic bags are so bad for the environment.

Meatless Monday Challenge– Did you know you can fight climate change with your food? Eating less meat is a great way to cut down on your environmental impact. Reports have documented that meat production generates more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, trains, ships, and planes in the world combined. To help combat climate change, cut back on the meat you eat. Plan a plant based meal for Mondays. Read more