City of Perth Amboy featured in New York Times Living In column

In a November 15, 2017 article, the New York Times profiled the City of Perth Amboy in the Sunday Real Estate Section in the  Living In column.  Waterfront living, the relativity low cost of homes, historic properties and easy transit options were highlighted, as well as how the arts are helping to revitalize the City.  Caroline Pozycki-Torres, former Chair of the Perth Amboy Arts Council and Captain of the Perth Amboy Creative Team that developed an award winning Creative Placemaking Plan, was interviewed about her experiences living in Perth Amboy and how the city is being transformed by the arts.  Caroline told The Times that she had bought a condo on the waterfront in 2010 in an 1890’s house on the waterfront and she and her musician husband BJ Torres enjoy Perth Amboy’s quality of life, with the mix of waterfront and city living in the Latino enclave.  She talked about arts projects she has worked on including the Waterfront Arts Festival, the Live at the Ferry Slip Music Series, murals, pop up cinema and paint and sip events. She told The Times that more artists are moving to Perth Amboy and the City has been supportive or artists wanting to get involved in the community.  Caroline Pozycki Torres founded Perth Amboy Artworks in 2015, with the mission of using Arts and Culture to stimulate economic and community development.  The organization has focused on producing pop up events to highlight unique properties, such as the Historic Ferry Slip, and bringing community together to enjoy a high quality of life with great cultural offerings in a beautiful setting.