County Announces Arts and History Funding for Perth Amboy

Live at the Ferry Slip Music Series Kickoff May 18

Middlesex County has announced that for 2021 Perth Amboy will receive $25,045 in Arts and History funding for projects. The City of Perth Amboy received $7,000 for festivals/folklife, the Perth Amboy Historic Preservation Commission received $7,600 for history, the Perth Amboy Redevelopment Team For Neighborhood Enterprise (PARTNER) received $6,000 for public art, and Perth Amboy Artworks received $4,445 for music. The Arts Institute of Middlesex County made the announce on Feb 5th 2021 that the Middlesex County Board of County Commissioners approved the FY2021 Arts & History grants. This funding continues investment in Perth Amboy’s active and celebrated Arts and History community.