Downtown Perth Amboy Mural Project

Perth Amboy Downtown Mural

The City of Perth Amboy has announced they are doing a downtown mural project this summer. Artists are asked to submit proposals by Friday June 19 to Tashi Vazquez, of the Office of Economic Development. The mural theme is “Togetherness” and a scale drawing of the proposed mural is required. The wall dimensions are 13.3 by 13.1 on stucco. In terms of compensation, the City says they would like the artist to propose a budget for the project, including the materials and commission. The artist must also submit a letter of interest and their resume, 3 professional references and 3 images of previous work. Artists must agree to maintain the mural over its lifetime, which is a minimum of 3 years. If you are selected to do the mural, then there is a public hearing and approval process on the proposal before the Perth Amboy Arts Council and Perth Amboy City Council.

Editors note- If a member of the Mayor’s administration actually served on the Arts Council, this process would be more streamlined. Having 2 separate entries work on and review a mural application is a waste of everyone’s time. Mayor Diaz’s administration should work with Perth Amboy’s boards and commissions. Having the Office of Economic Development spend their time reviewing mural applications instead of it being done by the voluntary arts council is a waste of city funds. Other City’s have arts councils that oversee these processes. It’s time for things to change here. We can move forward more effectively and efficiently if we work together.