Green Team Takes Students to Runyon Watershed for World Water Day

In honor of World Water Day, the Perth Amboy Green Team took Environmental Studies students from the Academy for Urban Leadership Charter High (AUL) School to Runyon Watershed. The Runyon Watershed is a reservoir located in Old Bridge, and is Perth Amboy’s water source. The 1,100 acres watershed area was first established in the late 1800 when it was purchased by the City of Perth Amboy, which developed a reservoir and waterworks in the 1920s, and turned over management to Middlesex Water Company in 2003. World Water Day is annually observance on 22 March and is a day which highlights the importance of fresh water. The day is used to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

Perth Amboy students learned the process of converting water into drinking water and toured the watershed site. The environmental students and staff were astonished with the amount of work that goes into the Perth Amboy water treatment process. A number of AUL high school students expressed interest in joining the Perth Amboy Green Team. Perth Amboy Green Team members Brenda Delgadillo, Renee Skelton, and Betty Crews helped plan and coordinate the successful program.

Perth Amboy students at the Runyon Watershed

The Perth Amboy Green Team meets monthly. Members are involved with environmental projects that impact the city and have upcoming project and events in April for Earth Day/week including community cleanup on April 16th, Gardening with the Garden Club on April 23 and more. Green Teams are a part of Sustainable Jersey, with 400 municipalities across the state participating in the program including Perth Amboy. You can learn about the Green Team on the City of Perth Amboy Website and follow the Green Team on instagram.