Isaias Storm Clean Up Begins in Perth Amboy

Perth Amboy Storm Clean Up

Perth Amboy Mayor Wilda Diaz reported that storm Isaias caused damage to over 60 locations in the City with trees coming down from the high damaging winds. Wind gusts were reported at 66mph, some of the strongest in the state. Trees fell on homes, cars, in the street and power lines were down. Public Works began working round the clock to remove trees from power lines and from the streets and have begun to remove trees from homes. Trees and branches and lines continued to fall after the storm ended, so please be careful. Office of Emergency Management Coordinator Larry Cattano said no deaths were reported and said to stay away for power lines, as they may be live. Mayor Diaz said to report down trees and power lines to her office by calling 732-826-7121. Some traffic lights were out in the city and some residents lost power and are still without power. About 1 million NJ residents lost power in the storm. Train service on the North Jersey Coast Line was suspended for clean up of down trees. View storm photos.

Residents began cleaning up their properties after the storm ended on Tuesday afternoon. If you have property damage, make sure to photograph the damage and call your homeowner insurance company for how to proceed. If your car is damaged, photograph the damage and call your car insurance company for how to proceed.

You can move all logs and branches to curbside and public works will pick up the debris this week. If your agreement with your landlord is to maintain the property, please begin to clean up asap.

Many residents rent property, and if your property is damaged or needs a clean up, call your landlord or superintendent to report the damage and property care needs. Clean up should take place in a timely manner. If nothing is done to clean up the property, you can call code enforcement for help (732) 826-0183.

Emergency numbers include PSE&G: (800)-436-7734, Perth Amboy Police Dept: (732) 442-4400, Perth Amboy Fire Dept: (732) 826-1112 and Perth Amboy City Hall: (732) 826-0290. For life threatening emergencies call 911.

Due to power outages in Perth Amboy, the Jankowski Community Center at 1 Olive Street has been designated a cooling center and electronics charging station and will open at 8:00 PM this evening . All COVID recommendations and guidance will be followed, including social distancing and mask requirements. If anyone sees a person who needs help, they are urged to call the Perth Amboy Police Department at 732-442-4400. If needed, transportation will be provided by local emergency responders.