Perth Amboy Issues Alert About Unhealthy Air Quality

Perth Amboy Air Quality Alert

The Perth Amboy Office of Emergency Management and the Perth Amboy Mayors Office has sent out notices to the public about the unhealthy air conditions in the city due to smoke from fires in Canada that have drifted over the region since Tuesday evening. The unhealthy air conditions are expected to last until Saturday June 10. After school programs were canceled by the Recreation Department.

The air quality in Perth Amboy Thursday morning was rated as very unhealthy by a tool of the EPA to measure air quality in our region, measured at 240, and normal is 40. People are urged to be very careful and limit outdoor time. The air is unhealthy due to particle matter PM2.5 – Particle Pollution- extremely small particles that can harm the heart and lungs. The high amount of particle pollution is a result of wildfires. Air Quality Wednesday night measured 300.

Track the air quality in Perth Amboy at

Perth Amboy residents are advised they can protect themselves from the air pollution by wearing a high quality mask, closing windows and doors to keep dirty air out, run an air purifier, and avoid outdoor exercise. Governor Murphy also advised the State of the poor air quality and recommended that people reduce the amount of time outdoors. As air quality worsened on Wednesday he closed State offices.

Woodbridge Health Dept issued a public health advisory about the air quality after the region was declared in a “code red” by officials from smoke from the Canadian wildfires. A code red air quality alert means that air pollution concentrations are unhealthy for the public, especially for senior citizens, children and people with compromised respiratory system.

You can sign up for emergency text announcements from Perth Amboy by going to NIXLE and signing up.

Governor Murphy said the wildfires in Canada and across NJ are extreme weather events caused by climate change and we must pursue bold action to address the climate reality demands.