Mayor Caba Details Public Safety Strategy

Mayor Caba

In a news release from July 26, Mayor Caba said that public safety continues to be his top priority. He detailed 10 initiatives that are being used to bolster public safety in Perth Amboy. These initiatives include;

  1. Increasing the Police force with the hire of 18 officers, the most in one single hire in Perth Amboy history, and adding to the ranks of our Special 1 Officers and Special 2 Officers. 
  2. Creation of Intelligence Unit within Police Dept to detect and disrupt criminal activity through the use of intelligence-led policing. In combination with traditional policing methods, officers and civilian analysts will collect and analyze information from a variety of sources to advance investigations.
  3. Police Department partnership with the business community with the creation of a volunteer video system registry to enhance the ability of our officers and law enforcement officials to timely investigate, essential to the apprehension of culpable criminals.
  4. Increasing patrols in neighborhoods, parks, the waterfront, and business district. 
  5. All Auxiliary Officers outfitted with body cameras.
  6. Revamped screening in the hiring and the training of additional Police recruits.
  7. Assessing citywide street light outages and sending them to PS&EG
  8. New and comprehensive approach in parking and violation enforcement 
  9. Expansion of PAPD’s Station House Adjustment Program for the diversion of youth offenders
  10. Increasing community outreach of positive interactions, partnerships, and problem solving by Community Police hosting city-wide events to strengthen relationships between residents and officers.