Residents can buy solar power from Community Solar Project

Community Solar Project in Perth Amboy

In Perth Amboy on Thursday Jan 28, 2021, Gov. Phil Murphy celebrated NJ’s first community solar energy project. The project, built in Perth Amboy by Solar Landscapes on the warehouse roof of Duke Realities, helps to increase green energy by allowing Perth Amboy residents and businesses to purchase solar energy.  Increasing access to green energy is made possibe by the NJ Board of Public Utilities Community Solar Energy Pilot Program. The Perth Amboy Community Solar Project covers 1 million square feet of rooftop and generates 11.1 megawatts of clean electricity.  51% of all the energy from the project is reserved for low to moderate income households. It makes solar power an option for Perth Amboy residents and businesses who can’t afford to install solar panels themselves, or whose location is shaded or who rent or don’t control their roof.  Perth Amboy residents can sign up to purchase solar power through the community solar project using this link at Solar Landscape. You can sign up for a subscription to solar power and get a credit on your utility bill. Purchasing solar energy helps to decrease dependency on fossil fuels and helps to create a cleaner environment.